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As with all great discoveries, the powers of the universe created a passionate, like-minded team that set out on a mission to instill change in our environment. What started as a relationship between a doctor and patient, grew into a team whose members share the same values.

We at Green Karma, coming from different backgrounds of medicine, law, and finance, value the desire for living a non-toxic, environmentally friendly lifestyle, with a mission to influence a global change. As the name suggests, we are creating actions that will have positive effects on our ecosystem.

At Green Karma, we are utilizing our research, experiences, and knowledge of the environment to help reduce pollution, which is creating global climate change. As a community, we need to work together to reduce the impact that pollution is having on our environment.

The use of plastics has an unprecedented adverse effect on wildlife, climate, and us humans. With the increased use of plastics, pollution has increased its intolerable affliction on land, waterways, and oceans. An environmentally friendly, 100% biodegradable and compostable, non-toxic alternative is a need that has gone unmet for too long.

Our products has been certified by SGS Polymer Solutions for national and international regulations and standards. See here for lab results . This is where Green Karma will be your partner.

Let us create change for Everyone, Everything, Everywhere.

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